Rely on us for global oil exploration,
production and development

Operating primarily in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, International Rig and Oilfield Services Ltd is the holding company for a group of businesses active in diversified petroleum industry-related services including:

  • Oilfield labor supply
  • Oilrigs and oilfield equipment sales and leasing
  • Petroleum and industrial chemicals trading
  • Oil and gas exporation and development
  • Turnkey services
  • Oilfield concession management

Global specialists in land and sea exploration and drilling

IROS has all the expertise necessary to bring success to your land-based and offshore oilrig drilling services and oil well develpment services, oilfield concession and production sharing contract management, and turnkey oilfield equipment leasing, sales and drilling services.

We have worked extensively in Indonesia, China, Uzbekistan and Middle-East with various labour and equipment supply projects in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Oman, and Qatar.

Extensive experience in the field

We have an existing asset base of owned and managed oilrigs whose power capacities range from workover rigs to high powered SCR drilling rigs. This give us a number of options to participate in oil exploration and workover projects:

  • As the lessor of oilrig inventory on a short or long term basis, under agreed "day-rated" terms with full crew or reduced management crews
  • As a turnkey drilling contact operator providing total or part turnkey services (from spud-in to production) on a unique, low cost "per meter" or targeted finish date pricing structure
  • As a project investor on a cost recoverable and equity, or uplift sharing participant basis

IROilRigs also offers for sale a complete range of oilrigs and related oilfield equipent on a straight sale or lease purchase scheme. Lease purchase arrangements are typically based on an initial deposit, regular monthly "day rate" accumulation and lump sum final settlement terms.

 Project NameYearWell-depthsProject description
  Crest Petroleum - Samarahan Ormaa Oilfield, Uzbekistan 1997 6 wells
Turnkey drilling. Uzbekistan Ministry of Oil/Land & Renong Malaysia Oil Company. Project from site establishment to completion and commerical testing
  Pt. Caltex - Indonesia Workover Project 1998 330 Wells 2 years workover contract. Also pump servicing.
  Kondor Petroleum - Sumatra 1999 5 wells
Drilling project and integrated services. Two wells under total turnkey with China South West Petroleum.
  Pertamina - Jambi 2000 5 wells
1,200-2,500m 2 wells
2500m + 30 workover wells
Horizontal drilling & workover. Joint venture with Renong Malaysia
  Caltex - Minas 2001 20 wells workover
depths up to 1,200m
Workover & well services. Provision of addition oilfield services and equipment supplies.
  Semco - Samarinda 2001 2 wells
up to 2,500m
Drilling contract for exploratory wells. Major well control issues in this area.
  Lapindo Brantas - East java 2001 3 wells
Drilling contact for exploratory wells. bare charter of rig continued with contactor providing own crew. Complex well structures.
  Pertamina - Cirebon 2002 -2005 6 wells
3,000-4,000m 2 wells
4 wells
Deviated drilling contact
Integrated services contact
Project duration - 20 months, operation extended for 1 year term.
Completed first well in contract record time.
Received safety award for no accidents during project.
  Pertamina - Cirebon FEB 2005
Ongoing drilling program with well depths between 1,100 and 1,800m Provision of 3 units 650hp truck mounted rigs; 11 units 250hp truck mounted workover rigs contracts are for 4 to 8 years with rollover options. Joint venture with ETX Brazil Ltd. as services provider.
  Petrobras - Rio del Norte. 2008 to 2011
Shallow well drilling and workover contract 3 by 650hp shallow well drilling and workover contract for Petrobras in Rio del Norte.
4 by 250hp workover contracts in Sergipe Alagoas for Petrobras.
JV with ETX Perfuricaoes Ltda.

  Iraqi Drilling Company (IDC) - Basrah 2010 to 2011 Crew Supply contract Manpower for 3 Rigs and camp, 2000HP SCR in Iraq southern fields

Valued partners

Manufacturing and assembly

IROS acts as an international marketing arm for the full range of major Chinese oilrig manufacturers. We also represent Chinese suppliers in drilling contacting, drilling services and oilfield equipment under project lease management arrangements.

We have had long-term strategic relationships with many of the China-based equipment manufacturers that operate under API Standards and license technology from the USA, Canada and Europe.

IROilRigs currently represents a major Chinese rig assembler able to supply low cost, API standard, oil drilling rigs for on-shore and offshore applications including workover and drilling rigs of all power ratings. We offer these rigs under low cost lease purchase or outright purchase terms linked to drilling contract terms.

Oilfield services

Over many years IROS has developed strong business relationships with reputable China-based drilling operators and drilling service providers. This extends our offering into all surface and downhole services, including seismic services, logging programs, casing services, cementing, coring and preforation services, and production pump supply and maintenance programs.

IROilRigs has official letters of appointment to offer these services and the complete equipment profile including oilrigs, all tubulars and drill pipe, circulation equipment, cementing, acidizing and logging equipment, production pumps, wellhead equipment, pressure equipment (BOP) and other oilfield serives tools and equipment.

Labour Supply

IRO has managed drilling and management crews across all major petroleum markets in Asia, including China and Indonesia. In recent years, we have also brought skilled labour form these markets to drilling rig operators and oil field concession owners in the Middle East.

Our crews are highly adaptive and are accustomed to tough working conditions and variable operational demands. Many are Muslims who easily adjust to Middle Eastern cultural norms. Our day-rates typically under-cut the high fees charged by western labour without compromising operational quality.

Strong agency relationships

Through our main partner in the Middle East, OilWorld SA, we are able to offer a complete range of services from lease rigs, to labour supply through to full turnkey services throughout the Middle East and North Africa. OilWorld SA is a respected operator whose management have strong industry backgrounds with such major corporations as Schlumberger, Aramco, Baker Hughes and others.

To further stregthen our ability to offer fully integrated, drilling, oilfield, services and oilfield equipment services worldwide, IROilRigs has entered into a number of other agency relationships. These cover representation agreements in Libya, Iraq, Iran, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and China.

Contact details for these representatives are available on request.