Total turnkey oil well solutions

Working with its subsidiaries and joint venture contractors, IROilRigs provides a comprehensive range of drilling operations including all aspects of well workover, production enhancement and directional and horizontal drilling and on-shore and off-shore drilling programs. Select these as part of a total turnkey service that includes everything from spud-in to production enhancement and well completion.

Your turnkey package can include all consumables, all drilling and drilling services and all development and completion services on a fixed fee basis.

Complete oil field service range

Specialist drilling capabilities

IROS provides a comprehensive range of drilling operations including well workover, deviated, extended reach and directional drilling as well as under-balanced drilling services.

We are also highly experienced in the provisioning and operation of all necessary oilrigs and oilfield equipment required for the well development program.

This includes a complete drill bit and casing program, well logging and drill-stem testing services, the cementing program, deviation and well pressure testing and cutting and coring testing services through to wellhead completion.

Other turnkey services

Our range of downhole services also extends to fishing tool engineering services perforating and coring services and well production enhancement services – including well fracturing and acidizing.

Other completion and maintenance services

As a provider of conventional and rear-mounted beam pumps and we are also able to offer production pump performance management and maintenance programs.

Rig crew provision

This includes provision of oilrigs and equipment with maintenance crew only, or the provision of a complete and experienced drilling team and their operational support at site and in country.

Unique costing approach

IROilRigs can offer a complete turnkey drilling services to concession operators on a cost "per meter" basis. This approach enables concession owners and operating companies to accurately gauge, and plan for, known costs of production in well development, workover and exploration programs.

Comprehensive well development services

Comprehensive, competitively priced services

Through our joint venture partners and strategic links, IROilRigs offers the latest in a comprehensive range of logging, cementing, well profiling and seismology services.

Cementing services

ROS cementing vehicles and support technicians deliver quality cementing results through controlled pressure flows and a range of litre-per-minute pressure ratings, power output ratings and tank capacities.

Our specialist cementing services include focused applications such as plug cementing to seal wells at various levels, and squeeze cementing to direct cement slurry to specified well points to seal off permeation risk and to isolate specific production formations.

Seismology and logging services

IROilRigs provides a range of reservoir description systems designed to study reservoirs, whether whole or localized, macroscopic or microscopic and dynamic or static. We achieve this with a wide cross-section of technologies, including geophysical analysis, seismology, logging services, reservoir engineering and computer analysis.

Seismology services

IROS seismology services include:
  • 2D/3D well reservoir profiling & GR histogram analysis
  • Calibration of surface and synthetic seismics
  • Petroleum and industrial chemicals trading
  • Transverse prediction (thickness and porosity) and fluid property presentation analysis
  • Well profile discrimination analysis
  • Neural network analysis

Logging services

IROilRigs offers a comprehensive range of logging services covering case hole and open hole logging functionality. Our range of technology includes:

Case hole logging services

  • CCL, GR, thermometer, hydrotool, fluid density, fluid pressure and injection flow rate profile surveys for profiling annulus and production wells
  • Injection profile surveys for water injection wells
  • Petroleum and industrial chemicals trading
  • Carbon/oxygen spectrum, thermal neutron attenuation and GR surveys for residual oil saturation and production zone parameter analysis
  • Sonic amplitude and VDL surveys for cement bonding evaluation
  • Vertilog, Multi-finder Caliper, magnetic logging, X-Y caliper and downhole TV analysis of casing corrosion
  • Channelling and water production zone location surveys

Open hole logging

IROilRigs deploys a wide range of logging and analysis technologies to evaluate well formations. These include:

  • Dual-lateral and micro-spherical focused log
  • Dual induction and spherical focused log
  • Compensated neutron, long spacing waveform and sonic log
  • Lithology density, natural gamma ray, caliper and spontaneous potential logging
  • Formation depth-meter and pressure test log

Keeping production flowing

Complete range of downhole services

When it comes to downhole services, IROS offers everything you need to keep production flowing. Our expertise is supported by a comprehensive selection of equipment, software and service units.

Cementing trucks and plant

  • Skid-mounted cementing plant (max. pressure 49 MPa)
  • Collar systems (YFG, Y, 2FG, KF2)
  • Cementing truck (maximum pressure 34.6, 48.3, 68.7 M. Pa)
  • Cement testing partitional instrumentation

Computerized logging units

  • Model SK - H - 2000 (to API specs)
  • Model 3700

Logging services

  • Dual Laterallog and Micro-spherical Focused Log
  • Dual induction Log and Spherical Focused Log
  • Compensated Neutron Log - Lithology Density Log
  • Compensated Sonic Log
  • Natural Gamma Ray Log
  • Spontaneous Potential - Calliper Log
  • Natural Gamma Ray Spectrum Logging Survey
  • Long Spacing Sonic Waveform Logging Survey
  • Formation Depthmeter Logging Survey
  • Formation Pressure Tester Logging Survey

Perforating & fracturing services

  • Cable Conveyed Perforating
  • SY-02 Computerized Perforating and Coring System
  • Tubing Conveyed Perforating
  • High Energy Gas Fracturing
  • Bridging, Cement Injection
  • Pointfree, Threading, Cutting
  • Side-wall Coring

Well profiling

  • Producing profile surveys for production wells: CCL, GR Thermometer, Hydrotool, Fluid Density& Pressure and Flow Rate
  • Producing profile surveys for annulus wells: CCL, GR Thermometer, Hydrotool, Fluid Density, Injection Flow Rate
  • Injection profile surveys for water injection well: CCL, Tracer GR, Thermometer and Flow Rate
  • Logging surveys for residual oil saturation and producing zone parameters - Carbon/oxygen spectrum, Thermal neutron attenuation, GR
  • Cement bond evaluation logging surveys: Sonic amplitude, VDL
  • Casing corrosion checking surveys: Vertilog, Multi-finger calliper
  • Magnetic logging, X-Y calliper, Downhole television
  • Channelling/water producing zone locating logging surveys: Noise, Flow rate, Thermometer, Cement bond logging producing profile logging surveys


Logging DP and interpretation systems

  • Pressure logging DP
  • Imaging processing services
  • Sedimentary dip processing services
  • Carbonate rock logging DP services
  • Multi-mineral formation DP services
  • Single porosity logging DP services
  • Multi-well evaluation
  • Downhole sonic TV

Logging technical tools

  • Induction laterallog (JSB - 801)
  • Dual laterallog tool (SQ - 2)
  • Micro-spherical focused resistivity tool (WQ - 85)
  • Compensated sonic logging tool (SBC -5)
  • Sonic amplitude logging tool (SF5)
  • Compensated neutron logging tool (BZC - OB)
  • Compensated density logging tool (BMC - OB)
  • Natural gamma ray logging tool (CGC - OB)
  • Magnetic casing collar locator (CCL)
  • Continuous deviation logging tool (XL-1)
  • High resolution dipmeter tool (HRDT - A)
  • Repeated formation pressure (CDC - IC)
  • Wireline perforation guns

Reservoir description systems

  • 2D/3D reservoir mapping systems (multi-types)
  • Calibration of surface seismics with synthetic seismics
  • Transverse porosity and reservoir prediction analysis
  • GR-Histogram analysis
  • Fluid property presentation analysis
  • Neural network prediction analysis
  • Profile discrimination analysis